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VermiCo DVDs

VermiCo has produced and put together a series of dvds to meet every need. Our collection illustrates home vermicomposting to the largest vermicomposting facility in North America.

The Continuous Flow Reactor

Scott SublerLarge-Scale Vermicomposting for Manure Management, Food Waste, Biosolids and other organic residuals features Dr. Scott Subler (Ohio State University & Pres. Pacific Garden Co.)

A 37-minute DVD showing the operation of an in-vessel system that transforms organic “waste” into earthworm castings.

Vermicomposting uses earthworms to transform organic residuals into a usable soil amendment: Worm castings. Changing weather conditions means outdoor row systems are limited to certain geographic areas. Now, an indoor, mechanized system using earthworms to process waste shows why this

technology is faster, produces fewer odors and yields a better product than traditional composting methodologies.

  • Discover where these systems have been used successfully
  • Learn from site manager Curt Hawley the day-to-day operation
  • Dr. Scott Subler presents the benefits of castings and the market opportunities.
  • An excellent video for individuals or groups
  • Shows how vermicomposting on-site at a local dairy can take a waste management “headache” and turn it into an income-producing benefit
  • A video for Dairy operators, Solid Waste Managers, Recycling Coordinators, Educators, Ag Extension personnel, Farmers, Horticulturists, Entrepreneurs, and others interested in how earthworms turn waste into a valuable commodity.

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Continuous Flow Reactor

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American Resource Recovery: Large Scale Vermicomposting

Mario Travaini with harvesterSee how 50 pounds of earthworms steadily multiplied over four years to become over 70 acres of earthworms that now convert cardboard paper sludge to worm castings! This is undoubtedly the largest vermicomposting facility in North America. Mario Travalini takes you through his operation, showing how feedstocks are spread outdoors, earthworms are harvested and castings are screened in this model facility.

  •  Learn how over 300 tons of paper waste arrive daily at this operation
  • See how hundreds of pounds of earthworms are harvested daily for resale
  • Observe the shaker deck screening operation that processes tons of castings
  • A great video for individuals or groups
  • See the tour site of VermiCo’s “New Horizons in Vermicomposting” Workshop
  • This is the premier outdoor California vermicomposting facility that ranks #1 in earthworm and castings production.

#801-DVD American Resource Recovery DVD $25+ shipping

American Resource Recov

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Wine Country Worms: Sonoma Worm Farm

Jack ChambersIn 1992 Jack Chambers, a commercial airline pilot, established a five-acre worm farm and began marketing earthworms and castings produced from dairy manure and, occasionally, alfalfa. What is it like to operate a worm farm and to manage the day-to-day activities? What factors do such things as climate, geographic location and proximity to markets have to do with the success or failure of such an enterprise? We asked Jack to take us on a tour of his facility and to share his experiences as he continues to shape his operation, now positioned to noticeably influence wine grape production in California.

Within this 34-minute DVD, you’ll see how sprinkler irrigation is used over outdoor and covered windrows of earthworms that process dairy manure. Jack has a passion for growing things such as peppers, Yukon Gold potatoes, shallots, Swiss chard, tomatoes, and a variety of flowers. He has planted these and other items throughout his facility where improved soil fertility has made a remarkable impact on the taste and quality of his produce. He markets his castings to local vineyards, gardeners and landscapers while selling earthworms nationwide and locally to schools, Master Composters, and other customers.

The trade journal BioCycle featured Sonoma Worm Farm in its September 1996 article, The Business of Vermicomposting. Jack was also interviewed in the April 1997 issue of Casting Call. Over the past eight years he has steadily built his operation into one of California’s best examples of running a profitable vermiculture facility.

Viewers are told how new earthworm beds are seeded and fed, and why Jack prefers his particular system of drip irrigation. The newest experimental bin at Sonoma Worm Farm was created to achieve maximum earthworm biomass through a regular and consistent feeding and watering regime. Jack explains the reasons for preparing the bedding material used to ship earthworms that ensures their safe arrival to the customer.

More than anything else, viewers can catch the enthusiasm and commitment of this worm farmer who believes in his system, his products and in the value of worm farming as a means of impacting horticulture and agriculture. This video is ideal for someone contemplating whether to enter the vermiculture business on a relatively modest scale. Other than his mechanical earthworm harvester, Jack has invested little in equipment, but has plans to expand. The novice or would-be worm farmer can gain considerably from this experienced and “part-time” operator who still runs a profitable business. The experienced worm farmer can also learn from this video by comparing notes with someone who has learned over several years of practice. Persons interested in marketing castings to various user groups will learn from Jack’s experience the wide variety of potential customers that exist.

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Wine Country Worms DVD

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Food Waste Vermicomposting: The Vermi-Organic Digester

Al EggenThe Perfect, In-Vessel, Climate-Controlled System for handling food, shredded paper, and other organic residuals

Al Eggen’s automated vermicomposting system transforms food and paper waste by earthworms that munch down organic debris and produce a high quality soil amendment, earthworm castings. His units have been installed at Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee, Traverse County, MI, Canadian Forces Base in Nova Scotia, various schools, The Medical University of South Carolina, a Psychiatric Hospital, DuPage College in Illinois, Metro Hall in Toronto, and new projects in Scotland.

  • Discover how particle size affects vermicomposting
  • Automated harvesting of castings
  • Blower & air-conditioning units control temperature
  • After food and paper waste is processed by earthworms, students will use castings for on-site garden use, conduct plant growth experiments and sell as a fund-raiser.

A 37-minute DVD with Al Eggen

Filmed at an 1100 -student private school in San Diego, CA—a new “zero-waste” campus.

Food Waste Vermicomposting DVD

See the complete, One-Day Installation of this temperature-controlled vermicomposting system

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DVD package

New Horizons in Vermicomposting Workshop

Four DVDs of the Stockton workshop are now available.

  • Session I contains presentations given by Peter Bogdanov and Al Eggen (60 min.).
  • Session II contains presentations by Kelly Slocum and Zorba Frankel (60 min.).
  • Session III DVD contains four presentations delivered by Robert Warkentin (with Charmaine Harris and Carolyn Foxe), Karin Grobe, Dan Cardoza, and Jeff Watson (120 min.).
  • Session IV contains the presentations given by Jim Jensen and Mario Travalini (60 min.)

All 4 DVDs can be viewed online.  After checkout you will be emailed a link and password for unlimited viewing online.