In Their Own Words~now an ebook

In Their Own Words-Cover-page-001In Their Own Words: Interviews With Vermiculture Experts

edited by Peter Bogdanov


Do you wonder why there is so much talk about earthworms? Did you know earthworms have value far beyond fish bait? Earthworm castings can have a radical effect on what we grow and the foods we eat.

Do you wonder how long we can continue to be a throw-away society? Earthworms are effective in transforming our garbage into their “gold,” (castings).

  • Here at last a dozen experts tell you, In Their Own Words, why earthworms are our best choice for both managing waste and growing more healthy plants. From scientists to “worm farmers,” you’ll meet a diverse but informed group of worm workers who believe they are ready to usher in a new age of exciting opportunities for thousands of people. Featuring:
  • Mary Appelhof
  • Al Cardoza
  • Jack Chambers
  • Ed Berry
  • Barry Meijer
  • Mario Travalini
  • Jim Jensen
  • Dr. Clive Edwards
  • Al Eggen
  • Dr. Scott Subler
  • Larry Martin
  • Bruce R. Eastman

Explore the new frontier of vermicomposting that offers a dual income from accepting raw materials (organic residues) and production of a high-grade soil amendment (earthworm castings).

Whether you are interested in gardening, recycling, soil ecology, or considering a new business in an environmentally friendly but relatively unknown industry, this book will give you dozens of new ideas for discovering the enormous potential of the amazing earthworm
184 pages