麻豆传媒在哪能看到:Vermiculture Interest Groups

There are 4 main interest groups

1. Residential. The home vermicomposter is generally someone who is interested in reducing household organic waste disposal and/or producing worm castings for use in the home garden. VermiCo provides information and instruction for the home vermicomposter as well as redworms and worm bins

2. Educational. Teachers and students are exploring the benefits of earthworms in the classroom. VermiCo offers instructional materials for teachers and students, ranging from single classroom projects to multi-class or school-wide programs for recycling cafeteria waste.

3. Institutional. Organic waste generated by institutions such as hospitals, military bases, prisons, or any facility producing cafeteria food waste may choose to vermicompost their organic residuals through in-vessel vermi-technology systems available through VermiCo.

4.Commercial. Commercial-scale operations look at profitability and large-scale problem-solving. Whether as individual entrepreneurs or municipal-scale solid waste managers, the advantages of using vermicomposting in waste management are many, not the least of which is the production of a high-quality soil amendment. VermiCo provides information and consultation to individuals and private businesses as well as to municipalities seeking an innovative means for waste management.

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