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Opportunities in Vermicomposting

  • How to Manage Organic Wastes: Converting Garbage into Gold
  • How to Build an Earthworm Business: From Planning to Pitfalls
  • Discover the Benefits of Earthworm Castings in Soils and in Plant Production:
  • Why Supply Won’t Meet Demand

Why does interest in vermiculture (breeding earthworms) and vermicomposting (producing castings) continue to escalate?

Who are the leading authorities and experienced field workers?

Where are the upcoming marketing opportunities?

Why have university-sponsored plant growth trials sparked interest in earthworm castings?

How can you take advantage of the latest discoveries to enter and profit from this emerging industry?

 VermiCo offers A Program of Instruction & Training in Best Management Practices

The Best Management Practices in Vermicomposting curriculum provides a course of instruction and training that will give you the resources and understanding you seek. This complete two-day intensive seminar is conducted by leading experts who provide a comprehensive and in-depth view of the major issues and concerns. The executive conference room/classroom allows attendees to closely examine problem areas and to interact with instructors in a lively discovery/discussion format.

Presentations using computer-generated power point graphics, slides, overhead transparencies, videotapes, and a comprehensive notebook allow maximum information and technology transfer to take place in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Day-long interaction with students and instructors, from morning coffee/tea, through the catered lunch, and into the afternoon, means that your time will be packed with information and practical techniques that are not offered anywhere else! Certificates of Training will be awarded to those who satisfactorily pass an optional exam.

As vermicomposting programs and business opportunities become more widespread, it has become increasingly important to gain the understanding necessary to incorporate various streams of knowledge into a comprehensive format. Questions arise concerning a wide variety of issues, ranging from simple—the mechanics of operating a worm bin—to the complex, such as, What factors need to be considered in operating a large-scale vermicomposting system?

This unique curriculum includes a broad range of perspectives and resources. Increasingly, the frustration has been expressed by many that they want to know more. You may have seen ads, visited Internet sites, or may have read about the growing popularity of using earthworms to convert organic waste into a valuable soil amendment. Yet, you still have questions.

In this Seminar you’ll learn…

  • More about… who’s in the business?
  • More about… how are they doing it?
  • More about… how do I get started?
  • And more about… what steps must I take along the way?

This is the place to get answers to your questions. Here is an opportunity to talk to industry experts and to discuss new ideas and methods with other participants.

Come learn and share information with others in the business–network with participants who’ll travel from around the world! Over 100 persons from 22 states and 5 countries attended last seminar!

Special Benefits

  • Problem-solving workshop exercises. Analyze actual and hypothetical operations to find better ways to become more productive.
  •  A comprehensive seminar notebook for continued reference. This resource, containing over 420 pages of material is, according to those who have attended, worth the price of the course alone. Thirteen tabbed sections provide a wealth of information gathered from many sources, some of which has never been published anywhere before.
  •  An opportunity to share information with others in the business or those who are considering starting up a new project.
  •  Seminar leaders are available to discuss individual problems and concerns.

The content of this curriculum is progressive, building from simple, basic issues (such as understanding the process of thermophilic composting) and then moving to more advanced topics (such as business management).

 Chapters in the Best Management Practices in Vermicomposting Notebook

  • Introduction: Waste Management Issues
  • Composting: The Process
  • Compost: The Product
  • Biology & Ecology of Earthworms
  • Vermicomposting: Process & Product
  • Marketing
  • Financing
  • Site Design
  • Operations
  •  Business Plan
  • Resources

VermiCo is not offering a Seminar or Workshop at this time.    Please send us a message on our contact form if you want to be notified when the next event is scheduled.

Here’s What Others Have Said about VermiCo’s Best Management Practices in Vermicomposting Seminar:

“Well presented and organized. [Both] days were needed! A very informative program [and the course notebook was] well designed! G.K., Stockton, CA

“What I learned went way beyond my expectations! I learned about everything that was taught and more. It’s all still soaking in.” A.M., Fairview, N.C.

“[The course notebook is an] excellent compendium of info!! M.R., Reno Worm Farm, Reno, NV

“[Strong points of the seminar included] industry knowledge; range of topics and presenters, quality of presentations.” C.E.N., BioSource, Brea, CA

“[I] liked the manual/notebook very much. It is a must for an intense topic like this!” P.C., Battle Ground, WA

“Covered everything well, with authority. Good view of composting and vermicomposting…and [their] potential.” T.O., Vancouver, WA

“[A strong point of the seminar was its] good technical data. [Notebook was] excellent. R.S., Emmett, ID

Great speakers, wealth of written info to fall back on. [I] learned a great deal about composting and vermicomposting in general. I came away with many ideas on what to do with the vermicompost once you have it.” M.D., Canton, KS.

More Comments from past Seminars:

“[I] learned so much, expanded horizons so much—can’t imagine being able to absorb many more.” C.J. Hood River, OR, County Composting Committee

“Excellent speakers, well-organized, well-balanced.” C.D., Dort Family Worm Farm, Philomath, OR.

“[The notebook is] terrific, worth every dime.” K.C., Desert Worm Farm, Glendale, AZ

“Great! I will got through it [the notebook] again and again to get the things I missed. Incredible amount of information in one place. Glad I found you!” J.M., Raleigh, NC

“Excellent seminar! Strong array of speakers covering a broad spectrum of information.” E.H., Aquarian Systems, Hornby Island, BC, Canada

“[Strong points of the seminar included] presentations of the pros and cons [and] presentations given by reputable/professional people.” S.I., Philomath, OR

“I really enjoyed this workshop, gained a lot of knowledge and feel it was money well invested by Adams County.” D.F., Adams County Recycling Coordinator, Ritzville, WA

“In the seminar in was stressed that there is a lot of myth and misinformation out there regarding the worm business. You do a great service by dispelling these erroneous assertions. As you continue with these programs which bring established worm-industry professionals with new growers and composters, there is a great potential to organize and work to establish some industry standards. These seminars provide a possible nucleus for such a ‘confederation’ of worm-industry specialists in the future.” M.F.M., Boise, ID

“I go to a lot of meetings/seminars. The success of your seminar shows in the faces of the participants! K.L., Rawlins, WY

“Many topics & terminology were clarified. I feel that I am going away with solid information that I will be able to pass on. I realize what info. I had been putting out to my customers & potential customers was [both] incorrect and correct. I feel more confident. The notebook I will continue to refer to in years to come.” R.M.F., Down-to-Earth Redworm Farm, St. Cloud, MN

“Good range of speakers with varied areas of expertise and who made excellent presentations! I liked the late addition of new speakers…all excellent.” M.W., London, UK

“I think we received a lot of information in a short period of time. I learned a lot of different things and I have a better understanding of what is needed to start a vermicompost site. The notebook has a lot of great information. I will be using it a lot in the future. Would you consider doing a workshop at CSU?” S.B., Colorado State University Facilities Management, Fort Collins, CO

New Horizons in Vermicomposting Workshop

Four DVDs of the Stockton workshop are now available.

The DVD of Session I contains presentations given by Peter Bogdanov and Al Eggen (60 min.). Session II contains presentations by Kelly Slocum and Zorba Frankel (60 min.). The Session III DVD contains four presentations delivered by Robert Warkentin (with Charmaine Harris and Carolyn Foxe), Karin Grobe, Dan Cardoza, and Jeff Watson (120 min.). Session IV contains the presentations given by Jim Jensen and Mario Travalini (60 min.)


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