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VermiCo has put together some package deals that save money and offer free shipping in the United States.


Here’s the perfect place to start reading up on the opportunities in vermiculture.

You get important “how to” information, insights from industry experts and news of events that have shaped and continue to influence this expanding area.

Best Selling Info Electronic Pak

  • Commercial Vermiculture How To Build a Thriving Business in Redworms ebook $15
  • Casting Call Back Issues Vol. 1-10 ebook $65
  • Developing A Successful Busniness Around Earthworms (electronic) $25
  • In Their Own Words ebook $15

All products are delivered electronically. No shipping –they come right to your email box

TOTAL value $120  #301-a Best Selling Information Package $79

“…I am pleased to report that your package has arrived and I am currently absolutely engrossed in the reading of your back issues of “Casting Call”. I soon discovered that the literature and videos are utterly bursting at the seams with incredibly valuable information. I’ve spent huge amounts of time gleaning vermicomposting information from the internet, and recently from academic resources, and have still found your Casting Call publication to contain vast amounts of new information and confirmation in areas I’ve been unsure about. And just FYI, I’m only as far as the June 1998 issue!!! I can only imagine how much I’ll know by the time I finish reading ALL the information you sent me!

Anyway, thanks again for some excellent products and helpful service. Now if you could only start up a Canadian branch of VermiCo!! ;)

Keep up the great work!  I’ll certainly be in touch again.

B C  Waterloo Ontario Canada

Complete Info Pak

  • In Their Own Words ebook $15
  • Commercial Vermiculture ebook  $15
  • Casting Call Back Issues ebook Vol 1-10 $65
  • Developing A Successful Busniness Around Earthworms (electronic) $25
  • American Resource Recovery movie mp4 $25
  • Continuous Flow Reactor movie mp4 $25
  • Wine Country Worms movie mp4 $25
  • Food Waste Vermicomposting movie mp4 $25

#306 VermiCo’s Complete Information Package–$199  All ebooks will be delivered at checkout and the DVDs will be shipped.

Total Package for just $199 includes free shipping.  A $270 value Save $69.00

Add Best Management Practices Manual ebook ( a $470 value for only $299–Save $171) and get free shipping anywhere in the US

 DVD Library Pak

  • American Resource Recovery dvd $25
  • Continuous Flow Reactor dvd $25
  • Wine Country Worms dvd $25
  • Food Waste Vermicomposting dvd $25

$75 for all 4 DVDs.  Buy 3 and get 1 free with free shipping

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