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There have been many scientific studies performed on worms concerning their habits, (for example, breeding), and their consumption of various feedstocks. As a result of these investigations worm growers are better able to care for their worms by having accurate information and applying this knowledge to their operations.


Optimum conditions for worms include the following: Proper temperature, moisture content, soil pH, and proper salt levels.


In general, the moisture content of the worm bed should be crumbly moist. That is, when a handful of the bedding is squeezed, there should be only a drop or two of water that emerges at the most. Earthworms are related to aquatic worms and abundant moisture is critical to the earthworms’ environment. However, worms will not tolerate soggy conditions and will seek to avoid excessively wet bedding. Drainage control is important, particularly when using containers so that water does not accumulate at the bottom.

A moisture meter can be an important aid in monitoring the proper moisture content of the worm bed. Like the compost thermometer which also has a long shaft, the moisture meter is inserted into the worm bed and indicates whether the bed is dry, moist or wet. Having this tool can help in determining the frequency of adding water.

Moisture Meter Vermicomposting Moisture Meter

Tells you when your worm bed is dry-moist-or wet. Don’t let your worms dry out or get soggy-Keep it moist!

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The pH of soil is an indication of its alkalinity or acidity. The range of pH (which is a chemistry term for “potential hydrogen”) is from 1 to 14 with a reading of 7 showing the soil to be neutral (i.e., neither alkaline nor acid). Acid soils measure from 1 to 6 (the lower the number, the more acidic the soil), while alkalinity ranges from 8 to 14 (higher numbers indicating greater alkalinity). In general, plants and especially redworms do best in the neutral range of pH, somewhere between 6 and 8 on the pH scale.

Fortunately for worm growers there are also ways to measure soil pH of a worm bed or potential bedding.  There are pH meters designed that one can place into the desired soil and obtain an accurate reading.

pH meterVermicomposting pH Meter

Is your bed too acid?–too alkaline? How will you know? The pH meter tells you where you stand.

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